Hodowla Kotów RexInk Warszawa Cornish Rex RexInk Cornish Rex Cattery Warsaw

07.02.2016r Łódź - Super Cat and National Winnner 2015r .

Summary of exhibitions in 2015 was for our cats string of successes, but from the beginning: the TOP CAT SCC: best kitten / junior category III - Selena Light`s Kiara of RexInk; best female category III - Selena Light`s Kiara of RexInk; best neuter male category III - Hiacynto Kitty Kitty Meow * PL; best neuter female category III - Cornish Point * PL Nirvana. Our Henry picked up, with my help trophy and rosette for first place in the ranking of Super Cat in the third category (neuter). Our cat Bajka took 2nd place in the ranking of Super Cat in the third category (neuter).

Hodowla kotów rasy cornish rex Kot cornish rexKot cornish rex hodowla kotów

04-06.12.2015r Rangsdorf (DE) - cat show TICA  

Another success of our cat Kiara (Kiara Selena Lights of RexInk) after two exhibitions in TICA is already Quadruple Grand Champion: the cat must obtain min. 4000 points and one more final (top five, if the specialty, the first ten, if allbreed). 

koty rasy cornish rex wystawa 

28-29.11.2015r Warszawa - cat show EKKR (FIFe)

 At the last show in 2015, our cat Selena Lights Kiara of RexInk in class 5 on Saturday, BEST IN SHOW. On Sunday she got Ex1 and CAGCIB.

kotka rasy cornish rex hodowla RexInk  kotka rasy cornish rex hodowla Warszawa

 26-27.09.2015r Warszawa - cat show TICA Goodbye Summer 

The first show of our cats Selena Lights Kiara of Renk in the class of adult cats and ... 2nd BEST OF BEST CAT. Total points: 2660, score: 1947. We have Double Grand Champion: the cat must obtain min. 2000 points and one more final (top five, if the specialty, the first ten, if allbreed).

Hodowla kotów cornish rex kotka rasy cornish rex koty rasy cornish rex hodowla wystawy kotów rasowy   wystawy kotów rasowych

 18-19.2015r Rybnik - cat show CCR (FIFe)  

Exhibition in Rybnik was very successful for us. Selena Light`s Kiara of RexInk in class 11 (youth) on Saturday and Sunday, BEST IN SHOW. Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau* PL in class 4 on Saturday and Sunday, BEST IN SHOW.

Rexink hodowla kotów cornish rex kotka rasy cornish rex cornish rex kotka kotka cornish rex cornish rex na wystawiekotka rasy cornish rex Cornish rex kotka hodowla kotów rasy cornish rex 

11-12.04.2015r Warszawa - cat show TICA Color Power 

In his debut in the federation TICA Selena Lights Kiara RexInk won the title of "BEST KITTEN" total points: 2210 score: 1833
Our neuters Cornish Point * PL Nirvana - total points 1100 score: 596 and Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau * PL - total points: 660, score 178

 cornish rex hodowla RexInk Warszawa  Warszawa hodowla kotów Cornish rex hodowlana kotka rasy cornish rex Warszawa C cornish rex koty hodowlane kotka rasy cornish rex z warszawskiej hodowli  nagrody wystaw kotów


Today came to us from Selena Light cattery from Yekaterinburg Kiara our breeding female and it is official - we have a cattery: RexInk * PL. Kiara is a small lunatic, she loves to have fun, racing with Bajka.

kocięta cornish rex

09.02.2015r Łódź - Super Cat and National Winnner 2014r .

GIP Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau*PL - the best neutermale in category III. For his achievements Henry received today from the hands of the President of the Felis Polonia goblet bigger than himself :)


 Puchar dla Cornish rex

17-18.01.2015r Warszawa - cat show SKM Jedynka (FIFe)  

I thought Saturday was an amazing day: our cat Bajka (PL * Cornish Point Nirvana) class 8 rating Ex1, CAPIB, nomination, best female neuter in category III, best cat  in category III, BEST OF BEST 2! Result Henio from Saturday - EX1, CAGPIB, best male neuter in category III. Sunday brought even greater excitement: Bajka - BEST OF BEST 1 - was the best in almost 300 cats. The result of Henio was also very good, our prince repeated the result from Saturday becoming the best male neuter in category III.

koty rasy cornish rex Warszawa hodowla kotów cornish rex

06-07.12.2014r Warszawa - cat show EKKR (FIFe)  

Weekend spent in good company at the exhibition organized at the Arena Ursynów and another 4 goblets in collection. Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau * PL on Saturday and Sunday in class 6 - BEST IN SHOW! PL * Cornish Point Nirvana on Saturday and Sunday in class 10 - BEST IN SHOW!

Warszawa hodowla kotów cornish rex kot rasy cornish rex koty rasy cornish rex Warszawa Warszawa cornish rex

29-30.11.2014r Łódź - wystawa SCC (FIFe)  

This weekend was unbelivable. Our Henio (Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau*PL) on Saturday was BEST OF BEST 1  - the best neuter of the show! On Sunday BEST IN SHOW - the best neuter of category IIIi! The goblet was bigger than our champion :)

 wystawa kotów wystawa kotów cornish rex  wystawa kotów, prezentacja cornish rex 

25-26.10.2014r Prague FIFe World Show

Our first World Show - more than 1600 cats! Our resuts: Henio (Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau*PL) - Ex1, CAPIB, BIV - best in colour and Bajka (Cornish Point*PL Nirvana) -  Ex1, CAP. Fantastic atmosphere in the Polish sector and unforgettable moments in Prague with Eve and Potrkiem from Mon Sasti * PL.

piekne cornishe cornish rex   cornish rex point wystawy kotów cornish rex 

10-11.05.2014r Łódź - cat show SCC (FIFe)

Cat show in Łódź was a debut for our female Cornish Point*PL Nirvana started in class 11 (junior). Both the first and the second day she got Ex1 note. Our netuer male Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau*PL started in class 10 on Saturday got: Ex 1, CAP, NOM, and on Sunday Ex 1, CAP, NOM, BIS! Our neuter female Gidget Mon Sasti*PL started in class 6 both days got: Ex 1, CAGPIB, NOM. 

Warszawa hodowla kotów cornish rex  cornish rex kot rasowy cornish rex                       rasa kotów cornish rex  Warszawa hodowla RexInk cornish rex nagrody cornish rex


Two Cornish at home or three does not matter. It is just more cat chases and antics. Mania does not mind if the cats do not run too much around her head. To our cat-and-dog herd joined Bajka. Cat with temperament and a very interesting coat - a chocolate tortie point with white. Bajka loves to fetch.

kocięta cornish rex koty cornish rex zabawa                                                                                                       cornish rex kocięta cornish rex


A house with one cornish? Impossible :) Today from Kici Kici Miau*PL cattery came to us our prince Henry vel Henio (Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau*PL). As I saw the picture of Henio on the cattery site I knew he would be living with us. Henry likes to sit on the knees, cuddle up and chase with the laser. 

cornish rex młody cornish rex kot kocięta cornish rex


Today, after long expectation  from  Mon Sasti * PL cattery came to us Valentine - Gigi (Gidget Mon Sasti * PL). Gigi very quickly domesticated and made friends with our bullterrier Mania. 

kocięta cornish rex kocieta cornish rexkot i pies kocięta cornish rexpies i kociak w domu