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Our adventure with cornishes started with…. Mania the bullterrier. Because it turned out that Mania is a great lover of cats, the decision was made: we must have cat! And so in our home appeared Gigi (IP Gidget Mon Sasti*PL) from Ewa Piątkowska cattery Mon Sasti*PL. Gigi came to us on February 14 and was the most wonderful Valentine’s gift. It turned out that having one Cornish is not enough and so viewing the page of Barbara Maryszewska cattery Kici Kici Miau we saw Henio (GIP Hiacynto Kici Kici Miau*PL). It was love at first sight. It was not six months, and in our cat-and-dog family appeared Bajka (Cornish Point*PL Nirvana). And so the idea was born: maby a cattery? In March 2015, after a long search flew from Ekaterinburg from Yulia Miropolska cattery our first breeding female - Kiara (Kiara Selena Light`s of RexInk). 

Our cattery RexInk*PL is reggistered w Supreme Cat Club, which is a member of Polish Felinology Federation - Felis Polonia operated under the auspieces of FIFe.

Our cats are also presented in TICA - The International Cat Association, and we belong to X-Treme Cat Club.




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